Power Malt is here for those who thirst for more…

Every day in every way you THIRST FOR MORE. And when it comes to refreshment, nourishment, goodness and bold taste only Power Malt can deliver.
Power Malt is packed with MORE of everything! And MORE of everything means MORE FOR YOU…..

It is MORE concentrated.

MORE power to drive your relentless thirst for more. More power to GET MORE out of life. MORE success. MORE drive. MORE vitality. MORE determination. MORE purpose. MORE conviction. MORE strength. MORE passion. MORE fun.
“THIRST FOR MORE!” is the sum of everything you stand for and everything extra Power Malt gives you.

Power Malt is great for sport activities, leisure time or when needing that extra boost…

Sports – Power Malt is always there – at the end of a training session or match, or at home as you and your friends watch the game together.  

Leisure Time – Power Malt is great with family and friends – whether it be an engagement, wedding or simply watching movies or listening to music at home with friends, trips to the beach and nights out are also enjoyed with a cold Power Malt in hand.