Our Story

Power Malt has a rich and complex history, dating back over the last six decades.

Originally, created during a brew off between 3 Danish breweries in their quest to create the ultimate malt drink.

Power Malt is believed to be the 1st imported Malt drink into the African continent, and was originally made as a blood tonic for the military to enable them to be more alert and active than the enemy.

A rich history which helps explain why Power Malt is the most pioneering malt drink in the world!

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  • 1962
    Albani brewery started producing and exporting malt beverages with the addition of Vitamins under the name Maltex.
  • 1967
    Exports starts into Ghana and Nigeria. The Biafran War meant that Nigerians could not get food so used Maltex as food supplement.
  • 1988
    The idea of Power Malt is born. Technician at the time was ordered to look into experimenting with coming up with this MOST POWERFUL MALT DRINK ever and it was introduced into the market as Disco Power Malt. And that is the Power Malt we see today.
  • 2001
    Faxe and Albani Brewery merged and Power Malt is still produced at Albani, Odense and sold through Royal Unibrew. Power Malt is also produced under license in a number of Caribbean markets.
  • 2020+
    Power Malt’s primary focus is Africa but also other parts of the world. Today, Power Malt is sold in 42 markets across the world.